About MyTeamGE

MyTeamGE is Team Global Express’s global digital platform, a one-stop solution for all your shipment needs. From delivering a parcel through to moving dangerous goods and bulk commodities, you can connect with all Team Global Express’s services from one convenient location accessible anywhere, anytime.

With MyTeamGE you can get a rate, create a shipment and book a pickup, track a shipment or a missed delivery, order stationery, view your invoice and so much more.


  • Create and monitor shipping transactions and receive communications about news updates, system announcements and new MyTeamGE functionality from a central location
User profile and settings management
  • Configure and save default settings for increased efficiency when creating transactions on MyTeamGE
  • Save frequently used information to reduce repetitive data entry, improving transaction speed and accuracy
Create shipments
  • Create shipments including specialised transport shipments or international shipments for a single destination or receiver group
  • Print labels, consignment notes and commercial invoices quickly and conveniently directly from MyTeamGE
Rate and transit time enquiry
  • Calculate cost and delivery time frames for shipping items with an approved carrier and service
  • Create and submit a return shipment with Priority on MyTeamGE
  • Track the shipment through to delivery
Manage manifests
  • Add shipments to a manifest
  • Print shipping documents from within the manifest
  • Close manifest to submit shipment information to carrier systems
Book a pickup
  • Save time by booking a pickup on MyTeamGE
  • Book a pickup; even if your shipment was not created on MyTeamGE
Track and trace
  • Track multiple shipments on any device and get real-time visibility of the shipment status
  • View and download proof of delivery and alternate shipment collection points for missed deliveries
  • Set your notification preferences to receive notification of events on the shipment journey
  • Order a range of Priority and IPEC products such as labels, stickers, satchels directly on MyTeamGE
  • View, search and download individual invoices
  • Send freight, get rate enquires and track shipments with MyTeamGE’s Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Enquire at integrate@teamglobalexp.com


  • Available 24/7
  • Easy registration with account approval visibility
  • Customisable preferences for notifications and alerts
  • Global default settings
  • Explore multiple Team Global Express services from a single platform
  • Create and save templates for fast shipment and pickup entry
  • Simple to use and navigate interface
  • Track and trace using an extensive range of search criteria
  • Access to real-time rates across all your Team Global Express services
  • Smart print, automatic task printing
  • View proof of delivery on any device
Simpler. Faster. More powerful